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  • barguest — Barghest Bar ghest , n. [Perh. G. berg mountain + geist demon, or b[ a]r a bear + geist.] A goblin, in the shape of a large dog, portending misfortune. [Also written {barguest}.] [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • barguest — bar·guest (bärʹgĕst) n. Variant of barghest. * * * …   Universalium

  • barguest — Cleveland Dialect List an apparition in the form of some animal, most frequently a large shaggy dog, but always characterised by large saucer eyes and a terrible shriek or roar …   English dialects glossary

  • barguest — n. dog like goblin that portends death …   English contemporary dictionary

  • barguest — bar·guest …   English syllables

  • barguest —    See bargest …   A Dictionary of English folklore

  • bargest —    , barguest    This is the name for a particularly alarming shape changing *bogey animal in the folklore of Yorkshire, Lancashire, and other northern areas, which might be encountered at stiles and in dark lanes, or near churchyards. Sometimes… …   A Dictionary of English folklore

  • Roger and the Rottentrolls — (sometimes, but not in the title sequence nor on DVD covers, called just The Rottentrolls ) was a children s comedy television series made for ITV by The Children s Company, which combined puppets with live action human actors. It was first… …   Wikipedia

  • Barghest — Barghest, Bargtjest, Bo guest, Bargheist, Bargeist, Barguist, Bargest or Barguest is the name often given in the north of England, especially in Yorkshire, to a legendary monstrous black dog with huge teeth and claws, though in other cases the… …   Wikipedia

  • Ripley and Scuff — was a programme broadcast by CITV from 2002 until 2003.Ripley and Scuff was a spin off show to the highly successful Roger and the Rottentrolls where two of the youngest Rottentrolls, Ripley and Scuff, their sister Strid and their pet barguest… …   Wikipedia

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